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Welcome to Dancing Flowers

   Judith Seeger is the artist who created Dancing Flowers, a floral preservation and art company in Chicago, Illinois. The name Dancing Flowers reflects Judith's approach to her art. She infuses her own spirituality into preserving flowers and vines that she then combines with handmade papers and oriental brush painting to create unique works of art.


Orchids hold a special fascination for many, and it is easy to be drawn to their irresistible appeal. Although Judith preserves an array of flowers, she devotes more and more of her energy and time to the world of orchids. They have captivated her heart and interest with their beauty and complexity. She strives to perfect the techniques given to her by her sensei. As Judith continues to work with and study passionately this magical world of orchids, a door of endless mystery and enchantment has opened for her.

To see other Art works such as the one on this page, browse the Galleries section of this website. You will be captivated by the amazing images that have blossomed through the artist's talent and devotion to the spirit of the floral world. To find out more about Judith, her technique and her teacher visit the Artist section of the website.

Reconstructed Bridal Bouquet

When viewing the many aspects of the Dancing Flowers Art Work, such as the reconstructed bouquet on this page created for Tiffany's of Copley Place Boston, it is obvious that in addition to her skill and rare technique, Judith honors the integrity of each flower. She preserves the flower's beauty and energy by the choice of papers, grasses, fabric, ribbons or brush work which enrich the final piece. Her creations range from simple note cards, as seen in the Gifts section, to full sculptural preservation of wedding bouquets in the Keepsakes section and to fine works of Art in the Galleries section. Any purchase from Dancing Flowers will enhance your home with the magic of the natural world.

SALE!!! Look through the galleries for a few select steeply discounted pictures.

    Judith Seeger collaborates with nature photographer Adam Seeger to create one-of-a-kind notecards and full-size works of art. Adam is able to capture insects and flowers with his astute eye and macro lens. Judith enhances these images with a pressed flower, tendril, leaf, lichen or blade of grass to bring them to life. Check out our new Gallery 9 in the Galleries section, and click here to see samples of notecards. These cards are available in two sizes, 4"x5" and 5"x7". $5 each plus shipping. Larger prints are also available - details on request.

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