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Handmade Bookmarks

Who wouldn't want to mark their place in a book with a unique and beautiful bookmark decorated with a montage of preserved flowers, grasses, interesting papers, and fabrics?

A small sample of Bookmarks

Each bookmark is a small work of art, combining the handmade papers and pressed flowers which are representative of Judith's work. Both sides of the bookmark have pressed flowers in a slightly differernt pattern. You will have a hard time trying to decide which is more enchanting.

Bringing a little of the magic of the natural world inside, all of Dancing Flowers bookmarks are perfect and welcome gifts for hostess, teacher, family member, or friend. To see a larger version of any of the bookmarks please click on the bookmark itself.

In the sample bookmarks on this page the materials used going from left to right are:

  1. handmade paper with leaves, golden chain flower from the tree, moss, and grass
  2. rice paper with silk threads and summer annuals
  3. textured paper with threads, silver tones of summer leaves, the flowers - artemesia, and rabbits ears
  4. textured handmade paper with petals, fern, asters, andsmall passion flower

These popular treasures are laminated for protection. Special Dancing flowers gift enclosure card available upon request. Price starts at $10 and you can order them by using one of our order forms, or contact us by writing to judith@dancing-flowers.com or calling the office at 312-475-0648.


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