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Handmade Books and Journals

A beautiful handmade book enhances the experience of keeping a journal to hold your personal thoughts. Or you might want one to chronicle your baby's development, record your dreams, your poetry or just your day to day insights. These also are perfect as a guest book, memorabilia book or photo album.

Judith collaborates with a book binder to create unique personalized books in a variety of binding styles. She decorates the covers with pressed flower arrangements on artistic papers. Small floral designs can be scattered on pages throughout the book to provide wonderful surprises as you turn the pages. These commissioned books, which can use flowers from your own celebration or from Judith's collection, make a memorable gift for yourself or someone close to you.

Hand Made Books

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The handmade books are so beautiful we decided to show a gallery of them. To travel through the Books in this gallery, please click on the links below the picture.

Each picture will, when clicked on take you to a page with a larger image of the book, details regarding the media used in the piece and pricing information.

If you have a special event coming up, why not order a custom made book and capture your memories in something that will be as precious as the occasion itself. Contact Judith by email at judith@dancing-flowers.com or call 312-475-0648.


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