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The Art Galleries

In the Dancing Flowers Art Galleries you will find framed artistic arrangements of preserved flowers and vines combined with handmade papers and oriental brush painting.

The artist's skill and rare technique in preserving the color and form of flowers, is complimented by the way she honors the integrity of each flower, striving to retain its beauty and spirit. Her creations are unique and call to all who hold dear the secret language of flowers and to all who can hear their song and witness their dance.

What you will notice as you wander through the galleries, is how Judith's approach to her art speaks the name of her company - Dancing Flowers. Her spirit is evident in the magical feel of these pieces, always weaving the perfect flowers, vines, and brush strokes on beautiful papers and fabrics.

Gallery 1 and Gallery 2 show the most exclusive and breathtaking of the art coming from the Dancing Flowers studio. Gallery 1 has portrait shape pieces, while Gallery 2 has the landscape pictures.

Gallery 3 and Gallery 4 show art pieces that are graceful and charming in a middle price range from $300 to $650. Gallery 3 shows images in the portrait shape while Gallery 4 shows the landscape images.

Gallery 5 and Gallery 6 show that even in a lower price range, $70 to $300 the art in from Dancing Flowers is captivating and a welcome gift for yourself or someone, who enjoys the beauty of real flowers. Gallery 5 holds the portrait shape images while Gallery 6 holds the landscape works.

Gallery 7 has a selection of longer panel pieces, several with a multitude of orchids. These longer works are just the right accent for a stair well or narrow wall space.

Gallery 8 shows award winning art. These specific pieces are not available for purchase but they can be inspirational for a special order art work and are exquisite examples of Dancing Flowers' preserved flower art.

Gallery 9 highlights examples of Judith's latest work. These pieces are the product of a collaboration between Judith and her son, Adam, a perceptive nature photographer. Judith enhances Adam's images with a variety of dried flowers or other plant matter, adding subtle accents that bring the whole work to life. This combination is finding its way into notecards and framed images, several of which were publicly exhibited in Chicago in 2006.

Special care has been taken to preserve the flowers and turn them into an artistic creation that will speak to you through the years. You in turn must be good to them. Proper care is essential to continue their preservation and the lasting beauty and quality of your art work. The guidelines provided below are particular to the Northeast and Midwest, but can be modified for any climate. Some deterioration is expected and unavoidable with art work that contains natural materials. Copyright-purchase of original art work conveys ownership to the client but does not transfer copyright of that art work.

For pressed and sealed creations:
No direct sunlight.
No direct incandescent or florescent light.
Keep out of excessive humidity.

Located in Chicago, Illinois, USA, Judith is a floral preservationist and artist. She can be contacted by writing to judith@dancing-flowers.com or by phone at 312-475-0648.


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