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Unique Preserved Floral Gifts

Dancing Flowers creates enchanting floral hand made art gifts. Each one of a kind piece will bring pleasure to the recipient for years to come.

shikishi board

Choose from unique double sided Bookmarks on handmade paper with flowers and leaves. Floral covered Note Cards with matching envelops. Handmade Books, which in addition to the lovely preserved flowers on both the front and the back the outside also contain enchanting paper on which you can write your words or mount your pictures. Shikishi Art Boards to hang as they are or to have framed for the walls of your office or home.

The three dimensional effect of real preserved flowers on the gifts increases the connection you will sense with the magic of the floral world. Give a unique gift of preserved floral art that will last.

In order to enjoy your original preserved flower creation and to retain the beauty of the flowers used to create it, do not place it in direct sunlight, strong florescent or ultra violet light and keep it out of excessive humidity. Fading may occur even in ideal environments which often adds to the character and beauty of your artwork.

small enclosure gift cards

All Dancing Flowers art gifts are preserved using the latest techniques and sealed for lasting pleasure. A gift enclosure card, such as those in the picture to the right, which is also a tiny piece of preserved floral art is included by request.

Custom orders are available with flowers from your gardens, also. Feel free to contact Judith either by email at judith@dancing-flowers.com or by phone at 312-475-0648.


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