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Memories Preserved to Keep

Keepsakes from Dancing Flowers are beautiful Floral Creations preserved to sustain your memories. They can include flowers from your wedding bouquet, an anniversary, a birth celebration, a loved ones funeral, your garden, an award wining flower show or from any other special occasion. Mementos such as lace, a boutonniere, or your invitation or photograph can add a special touch to create a unique work of art that reflects your treasured moments.

Reconstructed Bouquet

The picture on this page is an exquisite reconsruction of a bridal bouquet on a stand. The flowers in it are Queen Anne's lace, roses, snow peas, freezia, fern, and lily of the valley.

There are two ways to preserve your flowers, either by pressing them into a Floral Art Picture or by preserving them in a Reconstructed Sculptural Form. The flowers themselves often lend themselves to one or the other techniques by their very nature. Judith will be happy to help you choose the best method for your flowers or help you choose your flowers with a specific type of preservation in mind.

Ancient and modern techniques will be used to preserve the flowers so their beauty and color are retained.After arranging the flowers, the latest technology is used to coat and seal them into a lasting visual memory, maintaining textures of petals, stamen and pistils, and protecting them from moisture and Ultra Violet light. It is best to keep them out of direct sunlight to preserve their beauty further.

The flowers, and leaves used in our Keepsakes can be the actual ones from your special occasion, please call or email Judith for a consultation.


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