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Floral Note cards

With graceful pressed-flower and brushstoke designs, Dancing Flowers note cards are a beautiful way to tell someone that you think they are special.

note card with orchids

The flowers, leaves, and grasses used on Dancing Flowers notecards are gathered from daily wanderings through gardens. Ancient and modern techniques have been used to preserve the flowers so their beauty and color are retained.

Each card is a unique work of art. The first card shown on this page is 5"x7" on creme paper with handmade paper swirls, gold paint, dendrobium orchids, and ornamental grasses. After arranging the flowers, I use the latest technology to coat and seal them onto the cards, maintaining textures of petals, stamen and pistils, and protecting them from moisture and Ultra Violet light. The clear laminate preserves flowers on the cover from damage, there are also designs available without lamination. The inside of the cards are blank for writing personal messages, and each card comes with a matching envelope. A small gift enclosure card is available with each order upon request.

Buy one card or more as a treat for yourself or to give as a gift. Note cards can also be framed for your desk or wall to bring the spirit of the floral world into every part of your day. Should you decide to frame some of your notecards, it is best to keep them out of direct sunlight to preserve their beauty further.

The second card shown on this page is white, size 5"x7" with ink brush stroke, leaves with insect path inscribed, straw, and beebalm. Click on the images to see the cards in greater detail.

note card with brushstroke

People are often reluctant to part with these beautiful cards, but we encourage you to actually use them to share your thoughts with special friends across the miles or right next door. A hand made and hand written card is a wonderful contrast to the electronic medium. A pleasure-filled moment captured in time, for both the giver and receiver, an oasis from the hectic pace of day to day life. May you enjoy peaceful wanderings through your garden and mine as you share each of your Dancing Flowers notecards with special friends.

Card Sizes: 5" x 7" and 4" x 5 1/2"
Paper Colors: White or Ivory
Price: start at $5.00 each
Packaged in plastic bag with a floral gift card.

If you would like to buy these pressed flower note cards, please use one of our order forms or contact us by writing to judith@dancing-flowers.com or calling the office at 312-475-0648.


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