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Order Forms

The standard Dancing Flowers Order Form is available as a PDF, which you can view in Acrobat Reader and print. If you do not have Acrobat Reader please follow this link to get it free from Adobe. Get Acrobat Reader

We also have available both an HTML form you can print from within your browser and an Email form. We do not take credit cards, and we do not offer online shopping at this time.

About Shipping and Handling

We do not recommend shipping of sculptural dried bouquets, or wedding wreaths.

Note cards, bookmarks, and shikishi boards will normally be shipped either by UPS ground or US Postal Service regular delivery. More expeditious service can be provided by special arrangement.

Shipping for all other Dancing Flowers Art Creations will be arranged on a case by case basis according to size, weight, value, destination and urgency.

Shipping and Handling Costs

For normal shipping of note cards, bookmarks, and shikishi boards add 10% to your total order.
For all other shipping, we have to price each shipment individually. Cost will be based on insured value, distance, and shipping preference. Please contact us for shipping cost by phone at 312-475-0648 or by email at judith@dancing-flowers.com.

Bouquet Reconstruction Information

For the most effective preservation it is is ideal to contact Judith to discuss your bouquet and your unique wedding plans so as to give your bouquet the optimum care. By contacting Judith before final floral decisions are made, you can often greatly enhance the preservation possiblities of your flowers by following her suggested changes in choice of flowers.

Shipping of a fresh wedding bouquet or other floral arangements to us for preservation can be done successfully. Shipping overnight, courier service, or having a family member drop it off the day after the wedding, are a few available options. Each bouquet and bride has unique needs, and we attempt to honor and accommodate these special needs. The best way to send a fresh bouquet to Dancing Flowers for preservation depends on type of flowers, construction of the bouquet, the time of year, and the distance it is being shipped. Call for details at 312-475-0648 or write to judith@dancing-flowers.com.

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