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Floral Memories to Keep

Pressed-Flower Pictures are preserved flowers, elegantly arranged on beautiful fabric or handmade paper. The finished piece can be framed to hang on the wall or transformed into a unique glass-topped tray. Size, shape, and price will vary according to complexity and your taste.

Pressed Flower Oval

On the right you can see a fabric oval size 14"x18" on it are roses, pink and purple larkspur, ivy, fern, and freesia. Below you will see a pressed flower tea tray with brass handles. The size is 14"x16". We offer the option to place the tea tray on a display stand. The flowers used in this tray are satin-larkspur, dendrobium orchid, cymbedium orchid, lily, hydrangea, passion flower tendrils, leaves, and fern.

The images on this page are here to show you what can be done, but no two pictures are ever alike since they are reflective of the beauty of the flowers and memories of your event. In addition to the one shown on this page, another example of sample Victorian tray can be viewed Gallery 4. Browse through our Galleries to see the wide variety of flowers used in Dancing Flowers Art and the many possible combinations of flowers, papers, fabrics and brush work that can be combined to form your personalized art work. In the gallery section there are over 100 different images to look at to help you choose how your flowers will be pressed. Or you can call or write Judith, to have her help you with the process. She can give you advice on which flowers preserve better as pressed pictures or which will make better wreaths or glass domed sculptural keepsakes.

Pressed Flower Tea Tray

For the most effective preservation it is is ideal to contact Judith to discuss your bouquet and your unique wedding plans so as to give your bouquet the optimum care. By contacting Judith before final floral decisions are made, you can often greatly enhance the preservation possiblities of your flowers by using her suggestions for several small changes in floral choice.

When shipping your flowers, for the most effective preservation, it is best to ship your bouquet overnight express within 24 hours after your wedding or event. Please call first to make arrangements, the number here is: 312-475-0648 or you can email judith@dancing-flowers.com. Feel free to contact Judith at Dancing Flowers to make a reservation for the preservation of the flowers from your special occasion.

The preservation cost of $400 should be sent with your flowers to cover immediate preservation. Should you decide to use the preserved flowers in a floral creation, the cost of each creation will depend on the process selected and time involved.


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