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Resume of Judith Seeger

Professional Experience
Have created hundreds of commissioned floral art pieces, as well as self-inspired works, 1984-present.
Have taught workshops in floral preservation privately and in groups.
Worked as floral designer, independently and in various shops in Philadelphia and Boston, 1966-1983.

Educational Background
Floral Design, Floral Preservation, and Horticulture:
Individual study with Teizo Watanabe, eminent orchid preservationist, at his home in Fukuoka, Japan, 1994 and 1997.
Pressed Flower Craft Guild of Great Britain, Burton, England, attending workshops and studying with Guild President, Olga Symonds, 1994.
Rittner School of Floral Design, Boston, MA, 1983.
Barnes Foundation, Lower Merion, PA, studying trees and shrubs, 1975-1977.
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA, studying the Japanese floral design, Ikebana, 1973-1975.
Massachusetts Horticultural Society of Boston, conducting extensive research. On own, conducting considerable experimentation in floral techniques over the last fifteen years.

Oriental Painting and Calligraphy:
Japanese calligraphy and sumi-e painting with Judith Liniado, Newton and Cambridge, MA, 1997-present.
Chinese painting and calligraphy, both private and in group, with Qingxiong Ma, Newton, MA, and at the DeCordova Museum School, Lincoln, MA, 1996-1997.
Chinese bird and floral painting, Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena, CA, 1981-1982.
Chinese landscape painting with Pheobe Shih, Philadelphia Art Museum, Philadelphia, PA, 1973-1975.
Sumi-e painting, Nippon Club, New York, NY, 1966-1970.

Memberships and Affiliations:
Pressed Flower Guild of Great Britain
American Orchid Society
Massachusetts Orchid Society

Movement, Dance, and Yoga:
Bikram Yoga, Boston, MA and Chicago, IL, 2000-present.
Movement Meditation with Marcus Schulkind, Green Street Studio, Cambridge, MA, 1996-2003.
Ballet with Bob Brassel, Lexington, MA, 1995-2003.
Ballet, Pattersons' Dance Studio, Burlington, MA, 1983-1987.
Theater and movement, Uta Hagen Studio, New York, NY, 1966-1970.


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