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Three Dimensional Floral Keepsakes

A Wedding or Anniversary wreath is a beautiful reminder to hang on your bedroom door or anywhere in your home. Your flowers, leaves and ferns, are transformed into a romantic memento of your special day. Every time you walk through your door or into the room which holds your individually hand crafted wreath, preserved for you by Dancing Flowers, you will connect to those cherished moments and feelings again.

Reconstructed Bouquet

The wreath on this page contains roses, straw flower, baby's breath, status, and ribbons.

What better way to remember a wedding, anniversary, baby's birth or just your own flower garden, than to have it as a part of your home. Wreaths can also be a wonderful gift for those you care about, contact Judith to order a gift certificate to preserve the flowers from an upcoming event.

Judith of Dancing Flowers is a master of the art of bouquet reconstruction. She takes your flowers preserves them and rebuilds them back into a bouquet capturing the feeling of the original. Each bouquet is one of a kind. Fine laces, elegant satins and ribbons enhance the presentation which is then place in a basket, vase, dome, or on a stand for viewing in a cabinet or on a mantel piece. The floral bouquet image on the home page of Dancing Flowers is one of her reconstructed bouquets.

A glass Dome display holds your flowers, preserved and reconstructed into a bouquet. The glass dome set on a mahogany base is a beautiful addition to your mantel piece or china closet. As you can see in the picture, you can include the decorations from the top of a cake, and other memorable items from your special event. The glass dome shown here contains the wedding cake top ,fern, roses, and baby's breath.

Reconstructed Bouquet

For the most effective preservation it is is ideal to contact Judith to discuss your bouquet and your unique wedding plans so as to give your bouquet the optimum care. By contacting Judith before final floral decisions are made, you can often greatly enhance the preservation possiblities of your flowers by using her suggestions for several small changes in floral choice.

Shipping your flowers to us. For the most effective preservation, it is best to ship your bouquet overnight express within 24 hours after your wedding. Please call first to make arrangements, the number here is: 312-475-0648 or you can email judith@dancing-flowers.com. Feel free to contact Judith at Dancing Flowers to make a reservation for the preservation of the flowers from your special occasion.

The preservation cost of $400 should be sent with your flowers to cover immediate preservation. Should you decide to use the preserved flowers in a floral creation, the cost of each creation will depend on the process selected and time involved.


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