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Shikishi Boards
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Shikishi Art Boards

Dancing Flowers shikishi art boards make a simple and elegant gift for home or office. Shikishi boards are rice paper board with gold trim, obtained from Japan.

Shikishi Board

On each rice paper board, Judith creates a uniquely inspired design of preserved leaves or flowers, often combined with Japanese brush strokes, beautiful fabrics, or interesting papers. The art work is sealed on the board, which can be hung as is, without framing, or can be professionally framed. The 10 1/2" x 9 1/2" shikishi board shown to the left features painted silk with a cattleys orchid, and leaves.

Each work of art is packaged in a clear wrapper with a hanging hook. A special Dancing Flowers gift enclosure card is available on request.

As with all Dancing Flowers handmade floral pieces, it is important to keep the art work out of direct incandescent or florescent light, direct sunlight and/or excessive humidity. The lower shikishi board image on this page is on white rice paper with purple paint, peony and leaves, freesia, and fern.

Shikishi Board

Most are done on the smaller sizes listed below. Larger sizes can be commissioned. Individual prices vary depending on size and complexity.

Artwork on Shikishi Boards
Verticals: 3" x 14"
Small squares: 5" x 5"
Small rectangles: 8-1/2" x 4"
Large rectangles: 10-1/2" x 9-1/2"

To order shikishi boards, please use the ordering form.

If you have a special order in mind or if we can suggest something for you, you can contact us by email at judith@dancing-flowers.com or phone the office at 312-475-0648. You can specify the type of flowers you would like on the board or arrange for Judith to preserve your home garden flowers in an art work that will last through out the year.

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