About the Artist

Judith Seeger is a floral preservationist and artist who combines her talents and passions to create works of art that speak in the unique language of flowers. She is the only American student of Teizo Watanabe, a world renowned Japanese master, orchid grower, orchid preservationist, and artist.

Judith brings diverse interests and background to her work. She continues her studies of floral preservation, oriental calligraphy and brush painting, and dance. Her three trips to Japan to study with Watanabe greatly enhanced her techniques and her love for orchids. She has also studied with top professionals in England and the United States..

What becomes apparent in viewing her work is that, in addition to her skill and unique techniques, Judith honors the integrity of each flower, striving to keep alive its beauty and spirit. Her artistic creations speak to all who hold dear the secret language of flowers – to all who stop to hear their song and witness their dance.

Dancing Flowers Orchid Divider

Artist’s Statement

Flowers have always touched my soul and spirit and I have always sought to work with them. I felt compelled to learn the best techniques to preserve their beauty and spirit, and to use them in a way that would enhance their special grace. Lacking a formal program, I had to create my own learning path, seeking teachers and artists from all over the world who were willing to share their knowledge, expertise, and inspiration. I am grateful to all of them.

My lifelong studies in dance and in oriental painting and calligraphy have added to my creative process. To now be able to combine my varied passions and explorations in movement and space into a single art form, allowing brush strokes and flowers to dance across an expanse of beautiful paper, feels remarkably rewarding.